Coolest Elmo Second Birthday Cake

I used a name brand cake because the Western family cake fell apart. The nose was from that cake I carved it to the size I wanted. The eyes I carved from cup cakes then I froze both. The frosting is just a basic butter cream frosting.

I froze the cake then frosted it with yellow frosting then I frosted the eyes and nose and placed them on the cake where I wanted them. With a toothpick I free handed the outline so if I messed up all I had to do was smooth the frosting back over. I then used the #4 tip to cover up the lines I had mad with the tooth pick and to make the out lines. I had to use blue and green frosting mixed to get that color because I didn’t have any black and it was 1:00 in the morning but I did the outlining and the mouth. Then with the #18 star tip I filled in the rest of Elmo.

This Elmo Second Birthday Cake was really easy.

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