Couldn’t find a regular Elsa “Barbie”, so an ice skating Elsa was purchased instead.  Of course, her feet were huge because of the skates (which are permanent), so not only did I have to cut a HUGE hole in the middle for her to fit, I also had to make an extra cake to accommodate her height,,,.3 cakes in all…  I was making this for our granddaughter, who lives about 10 miles away…and her mom wanted to use her own cake plate, which I had forgotten to get from her ahead of time.  My only option was to put it on a smaller plate and transport it that way….which made it feel top heavy since the plate was the same size as the cake.  Once the cake was done – I was panicked on how to get it there in ONE piece…..I swear it must have weighed 8 pounds!  Made it till the very last block till the bottom layer of flowers began breaking away from the cake.  Luckily, I took the pastry bag complete with frosting and decorator tip and was able to fix it.  Turned out GREAT and she loved her cake!!