I made this Enchanted Forest birthday cake  for my daughter’s second birthday. I wanted to make something special, so we decided on an Enchanted Forest birthday party theme.

The party was to be held at our house and I started preparing two months before the party.  I made a lot of decorations for the walls such as bunnies, ladybugs, birds, squirrels, and other forest animals.

I prepared games for the kids as well…

  1. Animal Voices – Kids try to recognize the a voice of an animal and show it on a picture.
  2. Match the Tail to the Animal – Kids find a tail and stick it to the right animal.
  3. Forest Fairytales – Kids create their own fairytale forest with stickers and other games.

A few days before the party I started to work on one of the most important things – the cake! I decided to make a lot of small animals for the cake so each kid would get a small sugar animal with their piece of cake.

The kids had fun at the party! And at the end – we brought out the Enchanted Forest birthday cake!

The kids loved the cake. As soon as I put the cake on a table they started to point to the animals they knew. They were so excited! Most important – my daughter was really happy!!!