First thing I did two days before I made the cake was to make the fondant flowers and leaves; I let them dry so they wouldn’t break when placed on the cake. I made this engagement cake with three heart shaped pans on each side to make the double heart. I have an Edible Printer so I printed the picture I got from a family member out on edible paper I got off eBay and I used Microsoft Word to do the wording (it turned out so much neater than I could write it on the cake), printed it on edible paper and let it dry good.

The cake was made with Betty Crocker yellow cake mix. I baked three at a time let them cool overnight. The next day I prepared instant vanilla pudding instead of using just milk. I also used heavy cream (half milk half heavy cream), this made great custard filling for the cake. I put the bottom layer next to each other to form a double heart shape; I made vanilla butter cream frosting in my kitchen aide mixer. I piped a rim of frosting around the cakes to hold the filling from leaking out. Then I filled the cake with vanilla custard pudding and added the next layer and repeated the steps like before.

When I got to the top I did a crumb coat to seal it .The next step was put more frosting on top then smooth really well so I could apply edible images. I laid the edible images one at a time down carefully and smoothed them out so no wrinkles were seen, then I used tip 18 to pipe all around sides and boarder. I placed flowers on the cake and finished decorating as it needed. I really enjoyed doing this cake, it was a bit challenging but I loved it!

The couple that it was made for could not believe that I made it. I received so many compliments and also I have two more coming up to do because of this one.