When my 12 yr old asked for a Foosball cake, I didn’t think it would  be hard to find some good ideas online.  But really there weren’t many out there that I liked and that had the kind of features I thought it should!  So I kind of combined a few ideas as well as incorporated some of my own.

The cake is mostly covered with marshmallow fondant, but has some icing decor.  The Foosball men are Sour Patch Kids.  My son David LOVES sour things so I used those for the players and Sour Patch Straws (cut very thin) for the score bars with cheerios as the markers.  The handles on the skewers are Pirouette cookies and the “knobs” on the end are marshmallows.

I looked for a foil wrapped chocolate soccer ball, and it just so happens that the Valentines Day candy was just put out on the shelves and lo, and behold, one of the containers had a bunch of sports balls that were foil wrapped chocolates!  :)  I didn’t know how to make the sides to be firm enough to hold the skewers until the idea of Rice Krispy treats popped into my mind.  They worked beautifully, but I did put in some toothpicks to keep it stable.

David wanted to have a “rec room” theme party with various games to play, so I copied the markings on his table-top Foosball table for the cake.  What especially made me happy and warmed this mother’s heart, was that when David saw it, he said,”Mom, I think this is the best one you’ve made!”