Cool Homemade F16 Airplane Cake

I made this F16 airplane cake for a coworker who was moving to Italy for a job related to F-16s. I cut the shape out of a 12×18 sheet cake. I didn’t want to waste the rest of the cake so I made an Italian flag and an American flag cake too, out of the excess cake.

I also cut a piece of the excess cake for the tail and the canopy. I put the USAF logo on one wing and one side of the tail. I used a Rolo candy and covered it with orange icing for the afterburner.

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade F16 Airplane Cake”

  1. First I drew the outline of the plane onto a large sheet of paper. (I used wrapping paper to get a big piece) After baking the 12×18 cake, I put the paper airplane on top and cut the shape of the airplane out. I used some of the excess to make the vertical tail fin and the canopy. Then it’s just a matter of frosting it. I did the star tip frosting because I didn’t think I could get it smooth enough to look good otherwise.

  2. Great cake

    Which plane picture u used for cutting this cake shape
    Also u made one cake n did the layering ?
    Shall be thankful to you

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