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Coolest Face Shaped Cake

This cake was requested by a client who belongs to a book club. They had just finished “Shanghai Grip”, and there is a scene in which everyone brings a dish to a party. One guest had to bring a cake shaped like an old man’s head. So of course I got the difficult request, not the potato salad or something simple.

I made a very moist, dense carrot cake, lemony cream cheese center, hard frosting on top. I then cut the cake into the outline of a man’s face, and added ears from a 6″ pan of cake cut in half. I then covered the cake in fondant, tinted copper, after putting in applying a furrowed brow, cheeks, and eye sockets.

I added crows feet and laugh lines to age the face, then used a toothpick dipped in brown food coloring to add depth. The reaction is the same from each person who sees the cake, they can’t believe it is cake!