I made this Fairy Birthday Cake for my baby girl’s first birthday. It was a light and fluffy banana cake recipe because she loves bananas. I cooked it in an 8 inch spring form pan so that it would be high and rounded (to look a bit like a hill).

I wanted to make a cute fairy cake to fit with her fairy themed party. I got the idea for this cake from another cake on this website that used a fairy doll to sit on top of the cake. After a bit of searching, I found this fairy ornament in a gift shop. It was one of Ebony’s birthday presents and is a lovely reminder of her special party cake.

The original cake had shaped flowers decorating it and fondant icing. Because it was a little kids party I wanted to use butter icing and lollies because they are often the only bits the kids eat – even when it is delicious light and moist cake!

It was a really easy cake to make as it was a smooth simple shape and only required one layer of icing. I chose a variety of pink and purple lollies to decorate with – pink and white marshmallows (cut in half, powder side out), pink and purple smarties, pink and purple Mentos, pink sugared jellies (cut in half, sugar side out) and pink and purple mini musks/mini florals from a specialty lolly shop. I placed the lollies so that the colour and shape of the lollies were evenly varied. I used the mini musks/florals around each of the bigger lollies to separate them. I was hoping to create a kind of stepping-stones pattern to fit with the fairy on the mushroom.

To finish it off, I decided to use some pink sprinkles to scatter around the fairy. Unfortunately the icing had ‘set/dried’ by then and they needed to be pushed into the icing to stay on. Next time I would do that bit first, while the icing was still gooey.

I was really pleased with the way this cake turned out and will probably use the concept again. It would be a great design for those new to cake decorating. Maximum gorgeousness for minimum effort! Everyone loved the cake and unfortunately there weren’t any left-overs!