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Coolest Fairy Princess Birthday Cake Design

I made this Fairy Princess Cake Design for my friend’s little girl who was 4. It was really simple to make but looked stunning.

I used Victoria sponge mix in a 2 pint Pyrex bowl for the dress, and put it on top of another round sponge cake so it was tall enough to stand the doll up inside. Then I carved out a hole in the middle of the cake for her to stand in. I cut the cake into several layers and filled them with jam and whipped cream. I then iced the skirt with pink butter icing.

The dress for the doll is a few circles of tulle decorated with glitter glue, as are the wings, gathered in the middle. Needless to say she was speechless when she saw her cake, and wouldn’t let us cut it! She still plays with the doll, and I had to adjust the skirt later so she could dress her in it.

I had a lot of fun making this!

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