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Coolest Fairyland Fantasy Cake

I was asked to make a Fairyland fantasy cake for a 6 year old little girl who loves everything fairy.

It was a challenge making the fairy’s face and it took a couple of goes before I was happy. The first couple of attempts were pretty scary… lol.

This was the first time I made flowers, so I thought I’d try a few different types. I  made them all in pastel colors.

Once the cake was all put together it felt like it still needed something. So, as another first for me, I tried my hand at some piping. Let’s say that piping took a few goes as well! The icing was either too thick and clogged the tip or it was too thin and ran off the cake. When I finally got the consistency right I hadn’t made enough! So I learned a few things here.

Toto[ it off, my daughter commented that the door was too small. I told her that it was ok because fairies have magic and they can make themselves smaller or maybe make the doorway bigger! Anyway, the 6 year old loved it. :)

Coolest Fairyland Fantasy Cake

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