Coolest Fancy Dress Belle Birthday Cake

This Fancy Dress Belle Birthday Cake was for a little girl’s 6th birthday, the request was rather simple, eggless sponge cake, (I substituted the eggs with vinegar), a swinging ball gown dress with flowers, makeup and shoes, a real Beauty and the Beast Bell’s dress? (every girl’s fantasy).

I made a 3 layered eggless cake, the bottom of the dress is made from a round sandwich cake tin. Icing is made from cream and confectionery sugar (icing sugar), bottom layer is made from a moist chocolate cake recipe. The two top layers are made from a vanilla tea cake, (this cake made it easier to stick the doll into the cake without crumbling)

The dress is decorated with confectionery edible balls, fondant gold roses and topped with glitter. Fondant images were used for the shoes and makeup as decorations.