Coolest Farm Cake with Barn and Animals

This cake was made for a coworkers’ son. She wanted the farm theme, and found one on-line that she liked. We looked at other farm cakes on-line and picked the best ideas from each, ending up with “Lucas’s 1st birthday cake”.

The cake is chocolate with vanilla buttercream icing, then covered entirely with marshmallow fondant. The bottom layer is two 9-inch rounds. The barn was made from 3 layers made from individual-size loaf pans, trimmed to shape.

The animals were handmade a week earlier from a gumpaste/fondant mixture which was divided and colored, then allowed to dry. I fashioned them after Little Tykes farm animals (I actually practiced with play-doh prior to actually making them).

I assembled the homemade farm cake with barn and animals cake at the Birthday location, rather than risk it falling down in transit.

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