I made this Farm Scene Birthday Cake for a very special lady that works at a veterinary’s clinic. The only thing she loves more than the pets that come into the office are all of her pets on her farm. Her husband sent me a picture of the family and the two mules pictured on the cake, with the fence in the background. He also helped me get a feel for the animals they have on their farm by answering a short questionnaire I sent him asking about the type, color and quantity of his animals.

I started with the requested yellow cake with whipped chocolate frosting, in between the double layers and covering them both. I hand sculpted the animals out of fondant and sugar paste. A hint about the mules, they look like horses but when you’re trying to sculpt them, think dog and then put the mane and tail on. For the black and grey bunnies I knew that they would be so small that I just needed to give the general shape of a bunny. You know how bunnies are so I put them all over because they multiple quicker than you can count them. The mallards were a bit harder. I had to make their little bodies first and then the green heads. I then rolled a tiny piece of white fondant to go around the neck to hold the two pieces together. I dyed the fondant with Wilton Leaf Green gel dye, rolled out the green fondant to cover the cake and then the white, a little thicker. I measured the circumference of the cake so that I could then decide where each of the posts should go. I measured and cut the strips accordingly.

The beaded Happy Birthday message was an easy alternative to icing too. I used the Wilton brand letter press to press the words into the fondant where I wanted them. Then I just used a tiny bit of water on a small paint brush to go over the letters (a couple at a time) and then put the Wilton Sugar Pearls into place where the indentions were.

I loved making this special birthday cake for a very special animal lover. I heard from her husband that the kids have saved the mules and donkeys and have them arranged on their window seal so I’m told it was a TOTAL hit!