Coolest Farm Truck Birthday Cake

For my son’s second birthday we decided to do a truck theme, since trucks are his absolute favorite thing in the world. I loved the idea of the farm/pick-up trucks with the pumpkins in the back, that I saw on this site, for an October birthday.

I made two loaf pound cakes and froze them for this Farm Truck Birthday Cake. I then flipped one upside down for the “body” of the truck and cut the other and stacked it on top for the truck “cab”. I used a cream cheese frosting and different little candies for the details – chocolate twizzler for the bumpers, cherry licorice pieces for the tail lights, “Dots” candies placed in backward for the head lights.

Thanks so much to whoever first “designed” a similar truck on this site. It was a darling idea that worked perfectly for a fall birthday!

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