Coolest Farm Yard Cake

My little boy was having his party at a local childrens’ farm yard so I made this Farm Yard Cake to fit in with the venue. It was a square chocolate cake coated in caramel (sweetened condensed milk boiled in a bowl in the microwave until it turns golden brown – far easier and safer than the way we used to do it before microwaves, which was to boil the tin in a pan of water – I have heard many tales of the tins exploding!) with a covering of green rolled fondant.

I used some chocolate covered pretzel sticks for the “fence” and coloured fondant icing for the animals, pond, mud puddle and tractor. I used cookie cutter letters and numbers to cut the name and number from the leftover coloured icing as well as little flowers with some little flower shaped cutters from a cake decorating shop. It is a good idea to put the candles into some leftover icing to stop wax from dripping on the cake!