For my son Gavin’s second birthday party, we chose to have a farm themed party. The invites were little barns and when you opened the barn door there was a picture of my son dressed as a farmer. And this is the Farmyard Birthday Cake.

All the kids received cowboy hats and bandanas and cowbells. Upon entering the party, we had bales of hay with corn stalks and baskets filled with fresh produce so it looked picked from the farm. This made a nice backdrop to take a picture of our son with each guest. We used checkered tablecloths and had huge animal shaped balloons.

The cake:

I baked the cakes in loaf pans and assembled them on top of each other to create a square base for the barn. Be careful with the amount and type of frosting you use between layers, don’t use a whipped topping as this gets slippery and makes the cakes slide. I make my own butter cream icing and keep it rather thick/pasty for the filling. I used a serrated knife to shave the top layer to create a diagonal rooftop. Frost the cake, add graham crackers as shingles and pipe some white icing on for the trim. I used yellow tinted coconut to create the look of hay around the cake.

I used my son’s animal figures throughout the farmyard. We even added a dollop of chocolate pudding to make a muddy pigpen for the pigs. I also made some haystacks with chowmein noodles and butterscotch chips. For the silo, I tried several different combinations, but found store bought sandwich cookies allowed me the best height and most stability. I frosted them to match the barn and added a store bought pinwheel cookie to top it off.

The party was a hit and my son ADORED the cake!