Cool Homemade Farmyard Birthday Cake

I wanted to make my son a Farmyard Birthday Cake for his first birthday because he loves his Fisher Price Barn he got from his Grandma and Grandpa. I looked at a lot of different barn and farm cake ideas online, but so many used the Wilton stand-up house pan, which I do not have and couldn’t get ahold of. Instead I made the base in a small rectangular baking pan (I think it’s 8″x10″) and made the barn itself from an 8″ square cake which I cut the corners off to give the roof shape. I used a chocolate pound cake recipe because I wanted a firm cake that wasn’t going to collapse when I stood it up.

The green coconut “grass” in the barnyard was a much better idea in my head than it was in reality. The coconut was impossible to write on with icing, so I had to sweep it off of the area where I wrote his name.

I ended up making a much smaller cake than I had envisioned originally since it’s just going to be us for his birthday. The recipe I used gave me enough batter to make the rectangular base cake, the square barn cake and a small round cake (probably about 4″)for the birthday boy to have to himself.

This cake was really fun to make, and super easy!

Coolest Farmyard Birthday Cake

Coolest Farmyard Birthday Cake

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