Coolest Farmyard Truck Birthday Cake

I got the inspiration from a birthday cake party book. I made this Farmyard Truck Birthday Cake using 2 loaf size pans. One loaf was shaped for the front and the second loaf was used as is. The icing is chocolate flavoured butter icing.

I used simple ready made biscuits: Oreo biscuits for wheels and wafer biscuits for windows and fencing on the back of the truck. I used chocolate coated pretzel sticks between the ‘fences’. I used smarties, but I suppose that any colour coded smallish sweet will do for decorations. For the front and back lights, I had to find red and amber coloured sweets.

My kids farmyard animals came in very handy. The homemade marshmallows were cut into very tiny chunks before rolling in toasted coconut:-this made very realistic hay bales. Used the back of the truck to “transport” some animals. The best part was the enjoyment I received from the smile on his face when he saw it.

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