Coolest Father’s Day Fish Cake

I made this cake last minute for a Father’s Day BBQ. It turned out really good. I baked a 9 x 13 cake then froze it. I got various pickerel fish pictures off the internet and enlarged them until I got the size I liked. I then cut the picture to make a template to cut my cake. The hardest part was getting the colors right and the mouth. I made a batch of brownies for the wood looking base. The fish turned out being longer but it still looked good.

I colored 3 separate bowls of frosting, then just frosted the cake but the best part was using the shimmer gel on top. The frosting wasn’t turning out well so I put the shimmer on top and it made the fish look more and more real. The fins were made of fondant and I used the handle of a knife to put the lines on to give it more dimension.  The hardest part was the mouth- because the cake was starting to warm up and the frosting was getting mushy.

Everyone loved it and they even figured out what kind of fish it was on their own!!  That made me really excited!

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