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Coolest Fathers Day Cake

I decided it was suitable to make a Fathers Day Cake shaped like a #1 blue ribbon!  I used 1 box cake mix with a 9 inch round pan. I also used 1 cake mix and a 10 inch square pan. After baked and cooled, I cut two long strips that looked liked ribbon strands from the square pan. I iced it with a crumb coat of butter cream icing.

I then made another batch of butter cream icing and colored it blue. I iced the whole cake in blue and then used a tip that would make it look like ruffles around the circle pan. I then used a round tip to border the ruffles in dots. I saved some white icing and wrote with a round tip, #1 Dads, since the cake was for my husband, dad and grandfather and they loved it!

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