Coolest FDNY Helmet Cake

This FDNY helmet cake was made for my husband’s birthday/end of 1st year probation with the FDNY.

The base is a sheet cake covered in fondant to resemble his bunker coat and the helmet is a close replica of his actual gear.

The domed portion of the helmet was made from four layers (one 10″ and three 8″) and then carved to the proper shape and then covered in white fondant. (I always make my own marshmallow fondant. It tastes best and is much more cost effective) The brim of the helmet was made out of gumpaste. The vines for the rosebud embellishment was done with the back end of a paint brush while the flowers themselves were done with small flower stencils.

The house patch and the eagle were also made out of gumpaste. The entire cake was then hand painted (mix powdered food coloring with either lemon extract or vodka). The color of reflective portions of the coat and helmet were obtained by mixing powdered yellow food color with lime green luster dust. The golden effect on the eagle was also done in lusterdust.

It was a big hit at the party and most of the guests walked past it not realizing it was actually cake.

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