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Coolest Fiesta Cake

I made this Fiesta Cake for my best friend’s 60th birthday. Her daughter and I gave her a surprise party at a local Mexican restaurant so I decided to go with a Fiesta theme. I didn’t have much time to work on a tiered cake so I decided to go with a small cake with cupcakes to match. That way I could make the cupcake toppers in advance.

The cupcake toppers were made from MMF using cookie cutters. They were actually too big for the cupcakes but the overall effect wasn’t too bad. I had to wait till I was at the restaurant before I could add the toppers. On my 40th birthday (years ago) she put ’40’ confetti all over my classroom (we are both teachers) and I am still finding them in files, etc. So… I made sure every cupcake had the number ’60’ on it! But on some of the cupcakes it looks more like the word GO. lol

The cupcakes were white cake and the small cake was chocolate. I would still like to know how to keep my cupcake liners ‘pretty’. I always have the problem of the oil in the cake bleeding through the liners. If anyone knows how to prevent this – I would love to know the secret!

I made the Mexican hat by cutting a circle out of MMF then cutting a smaller circle out of the center then letting it dry for a day over a plastic bowl. The top of the hat is a rice crispy treat covered in MMF.

Flowers were cut using various flower shaped cookie cutters. Border is butter cream frosting. I made sure that there were 60 candles on the cake! You could really feel the heat coming off the cake when they were all lit!

My friend didn’t have even a clue about the party – we all had a great time!

Homemade Fiesta Cake

Homemade Fiesta Cake

Homemade Fiesta Cake

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  1. I have a friend that has everything decorated in a fiesta theme…this would be great for her birthday!! Mexican hat instructions will be helpful, I always see things like that on line but never can figure out how they do it…again wonderful cake!


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