I made this Finding Nemo birthday cake for my friend’s daughters 1st birthday. She printed out a picture of one that had been professionally done with fondant and was going to have it made professionally. So I told her I would give it a try before she spent the money. I think it turned out pretty cute!

We baked 2 round cakes and cut the tops off so they were flat. One is on the bottom, and the other I cut in half and stacked on itself to create the shelf. I put frosting in between layers to help them stay. After it cooled I frosted with blue and tried to create a swirly look so it looked like everything was underwater. I then used some frosting tips to create the different patterns for seaweed and starfish. I put the white circles to look like bubbles coming from the fish. The Nemo and Dori fish are squirter toys my friend bought.

The cake was a success and my friend was very impressed and grateful. And her daughter absolutely loved it and recognized the characters!