Cute Homemade Finding Nemo Birthday Cake With Nemo Candle

My son, Carter, is a huge Nemo fan. So I wanted to make a Finding Nemo Birthday Cake for his 2nd birthday. I’m not exactly an artist, so I wanted to find something fairly easy to create by myself. After seeing all the cakes on this site, I took a few of the ideas and created my own.

I used a 9″ cake pan for the bottom layer and a small circular Corningware dish for my top layer – I thought the 8″ cake pan would be too big to give me the tiered look I was going for. I dyed the icing light blue, and used store bought decorator icing in orange, yellow and green for the seaweed, etc. I used the leaf decorator tip for the green seaweed and the small piping one for the others.

Then I used crumbled graham cracker crumbs for the sand around the edges. You can find the Nemo candle at most party stores.