Creative Finding Nemo Cake

I used the buttercream transfer idea from Kellie A. on this website (Toy Story Cake)for this Finding Nemo Cake.

I made the Finding Nemo characters by tightly pulling plastic wrap over a coloring book page. I outlined the picture with black icing and put it in the freezer to set. Then I used thinned out icing (thinned with corn syrup) to fill in all the different colors…just like coloring in a book).

I put it back in the freezer to set. Afterwards I put a layer of icing on the back and refroze. Finally I flipped the buttercream transfer onto the iced cake and carefully peeled off the plastic wrap.

This was my first attempt and doing this. I did run into difficulties with the transfer freezing. I think it was because I used canned whipped frosting. Next time I’ll take the time to make my own buttercream frosting and see if this helps.

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