Coolest Fire Breathing Dragon Cake

When my son requested a fire breathing dragon cake I was a bit concerned. This is what I came up with.

I baked two 9 inch rounds, a 6 inch round,  and half of the Wilton ball pan (for the head). Once cooled I cut one round in half and “glued” together with butter cream. I then placed the flat side down on a fondant covered round board. I then placed the 6 inch round on the board and carved out a small area (about 1/2 inch) from the top middle of the cake out towards where the mouth would be (this helped to make the mouth look open). Placing butter cream on top then adding the half circle on top for the head.

The eyes, horn, nostrils, spikes, and #7 were all made from fondant and set out to dry. I carved the tail and legs from the other round cake and put in place. I then frosted the entire cake with homemade butter cream and sprayed with Wilton green coloring  (I could have just dyed my butter cream green and then frosted too). Finally I placed all of the fondant pieces on the cake and placed in the freezer.

The candles were trick candles and created the perfect fire breath. They kept relighting after he blew them out. Another cake far from perfect but a huge hit with the guests and my 7 year old.

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