The general theme for this Fire Engine cake came from the invitations to a co-worker’s son’s third birthday party.

We started by making three funfetti cakes. Two cakes were used to make the 9″ x 9″ sq cakes that make up the body of the fire engine, one loaf cake was used to make the cab, and a few cupcakes finished the baking.

We cut the tops off the square cakes to create a flat surface and used the remnants to make the back elevated portion of the fire engine. We made a 13″ x 9″ rice krispie treat layer as the cake’s base. The tires were fudge-striped cookies, the ladder was made of sour-filled yellow twizzlers and the decorations, which match the invitations, were made of gumballs and icing.

The headlights were also gumballs and the windows were white fondant. The street was made of black cookie icing, spread on tinfoil wrapped over a cake board; yellow fondant and black sprinkles produced the concrete effect.

The rest of the truck cake was covered with icing applied with a star tip #18.