This fire fighter cake was simple to make. I started with a simple chocolate cake with a butter cream center. Then added chocolate frosting to cover the cake. I dripped my  knife in to hot water before applying it to the cake so the frosting looked more like fondant. Then I piped green frosting on to look like grass and added green sprinkles .

I remade rice crispie treats and formed it in to the shape of a fire truck. Then covered it in a layer of red fondant. Next I used white fondant and black frosting to add details. I also used Oreos and white fondant to create the wheels. Finally attach the wheels with frosting and place it on the cake; added a happy birthday in blue frosting. That’s how I made my wonderful fire truck cake.

It was simple and turned out amazing. It was the perfect cake for my cousin who wants to be a fire fighter when he grows up and nothing will beat the smile on his face when I showed him the cake. The only tricky part was figuring out where to put the 5 candles.