Cute Homemade Fire Truck Birthday Cake With Oreo Wheels

I enjoyed making the Fire Truck Birthday Cake, and the kids loved it!

I used a few ideas off this site to put it all together. I bought a plain sponge cake, cut it into pieces, glued it together with icing, iced it red, and it looked like a fire truck already!

The wheels are Oreo’s. I used liquorish and smarties on the sides, sweets on top, and the rest is icing.

What I did wrong was to ice the whole cake red the night before, and I wanted to do the rest the following morning. The next day the icing dried already, and the Oreo’s, liquorish and smarties didn’t want to stay on the cake. I had to put a second layer of red icing on the cake before I could continue. Luckily you learn from your mistakes, I hope you can learn of mine.