Coolest Fire Truck Cake

My son loves fire trucks so for his 2nd birthday I decided to make a fire truck cake. First of all it was a lot of work. I wanted to quit several times but it turned out good glade, I stuck with it. I made a sample one a month before just to see if I could make it. I learned a few needs to know things doing a run threw.

I started off by making two 10×13 cakes (keep in mind I was making a really big cake to feed 50 or so) then I stuck them in the freezer till they were frozen. Then take them out, you have to cut fast cause the warmer it gets, the easier it is to crumble while you are cutting it. I cut one almost in half long ways then the other I cut in in half then half again.

to make the cab I stacked two pieces together and used icing to hold them. I made the ladder and hose out of royal icing. The cake was iced with butter cream icing. I used Oreos to make the tires and m&ms for the buttons.

Note: I found that it was way easier the second time I made it to cut the cake with an electric knife to keep it from crumbling. Also I found out the hard way to make sure you have someone ride with you that can hold the cake on the way to the party. It was devastating when we got there and my cake have fallen apart. A big chunk of the cab had fallen off and the icing had started to melt. Guess there was not enough aircon getting to the back seat. So make sure it also gets some aircon to save your icing, but my son loved it anyways and that was all that really matters even though I was upset after spending 7 hours on it.