Cute Homemade 2D Fire Truck Cake

For my son’s second birthday, I set out to make a fire truck cake. Not being as ambitious as some of the other moms on this site, I decided to stick to a 2-D version, but still wanted it to be shaped like a fire truck.

I used two cake mixes in a 9″x13″ pan, and then cut out the shape of a fire truck. (To make it easier to get the cake out, I lined it with foil first.) I used Wilton’s tube of red icing for the body of the fire truck and a tube of black icing for the tires. Neither tasted funny or were bitter. I also used regular vanilla frosting for some of the detail, like the windows and the ladder.

I outlined the tires with pieces of black licorice to give it more of a realistic texture. I also added some red sprinkles to give it more of a shiny look. My son absolutely loved it. And for days, he would say “cake” and “whoo whoo”.

2 thoughts on “Cute Homemade 2D Fire Truck Cake”

  1. Love your cake! Quick question…did you use two cake mixes in one pan (and just double the ingredients) or make two 9×11 and put them on top of each other? Thanks!


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