Cool Homemade 3D Fondant Fire Truck Cake With Hose

This Fire Truck Cake was such fun. I used a raised board to make it look like it was up off the ground. I carved the cake and covered in fondant with fondant accents. I put a flashing light on the top of the engine.

It was a hit at the party. The little boy didn’t even think it was a cake! Next time I’ll try to get a siren too.

5 thoughts on “Cool Homemade 3D Fondant Fire Truck Cake With Hose”

  1. This is our pick of greatest firetruck cake! I’ll try to replicate it for my son’s 5th birthday. Where would I get lights and a siren?!

    thanks. Megan

  2. I just luv this firetruck! you did an awesome job, I have an order for someone that would like a firetruck and this one stood out the most. Can you give me details on how you had the cake on the board to give it that effect. And i to would like to know where you purchased the siren and where are the wires and on/off button… Again greatest firetruck yet!Thanx’s and hope i hear from you:)

  3. I love it. Son is obsessed. Making one for his bday is July. Do you know how much fondant you dyed for the red? Also, where did you get the lights and where would you look for siren? I’ve gotten decent with fondant but always stress because I do all the decorating the morning of. Did you put it in the refridgerator at all? Thanks for any help!

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