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Cool Homemade Fire Truck Cake With White Chocolate Ladder

To get the shape of this Fire Truck Cake, I baked and cooled two 9×13 cakes. I stacked them and cut out the shapes freehand (as best I could). By stacking and then cutting, you will get a better block look. The back of the truck ended up being 3 layers (measuring apx. 9×4), which I frosted in between.

The front of the truck was 3 layers, apx. 4×4.5 (and also frosted in between layers). I used leftover cake pieces to connect the front and back ends together. Then I shaved down the front of the truck to get the windshield area. To levitate the cake, I placed it on a small foil covered board so I could levitate it on a smaller block when I was done decorating.

For the frosting, be ready to use at least a whole can of red gel coloring. You don’t want to end up with a pink cake! The decorating was the really fun part. After frosting the entire cake with red and gray frosting, I got to pipe on the details in black. I used black coiled licorice for a hose, jolly ranchers for sirens, Mentos for headlights, white Chiclets for tail lights and tic tacks for buttons. The most challenging part was the ladder.

Buy at least 3 bags white chocolate chips to allow for practicing and/or mess-ups. I drew templates on regular paper and then placed wax paper over top. This way I was able to give each portion of the ladders the same dimensions. All together, I used white chocolate piping to create the 2 small ladders, 4 hooks to hold them onto the cake, a HUGE ladder, and an “H” support to place on top of the cake to hold the large ladder.

In order to keep the pieces from breaking, you must reinforce the piped images by piping an additional layer on top. Now, the large ladder must be prepared in steps. After the first side is made and cooled, tilt it on it’s side and pipe the next ladder using the first as on side. You’ll have to hold it in place until it’s cooled and then flip it again, repeating until it’s done. And finally, I levitated the cake onto a larger cake board (using wood blocks under the small board) and added the chocolate donut wheels, securing with toothpicks.
Fire Truck Cake

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