Fun Homemade Fire Truck Cake With Candy Decorations

This fire truck cake turned out to be simpler than I had anticipated. The most difficult part was getting the correct color of red without having it taste bitter. I ended up using a LOT of dye and mixing different tints to finally get it right.  This did make the frosting a little moister than usual and with the high humidity at the time it made melting a problem, but it all worked out OK.

For the cake itself I used the Wilton “Pound Cake from Mix” recipe in a half sheet pan. After cooling I cut the cake in half to freeze the cake for better sculpting.  How you would cut the cake after this would depend on how you would want to shape your fire truck. You just layer the pieces and use the frosting like glue. I used black licorice, dots, M&M’s, and black and white frosting for embellishments. The wheels are simply Oreo’s with frosting and then an M&M. I did build the cake on top of a cut 2×4 to lift the cake to make the wheels fit the truck.

It was a fun cake – my 4 year old loved it as did all of the guests!  Definitely looks more difficult than it is!