This is a fireman cake I made for my son’s 3rd birthday. I had already made him a Postman Pat cake for his 2nd Birthday, and decided I liked making character models. As he loved Fireman Sam by then, I rose to the challenge!

I divided the sugar paste into small pieces and mixed in colouring paste to get the right colours I needed. I then molded the body and joined all the parts together (using cocktail sticks to hold his head and arms in position).

I made the sponge cake, coated with sugar paste, and a plaque to hold the model. Next, I rolled a long tube of red sugar paste to make the hose, curled it around the base of the cake and into Sam’s hand. (The tip of the hose needed a cocktail stick to keep it straight)

I made the water spray effect with a piece of a clear polythene food bag, which I gathered and stuck into the end of the hose.