Cool Firetruck Cake with Dutch Cocoa Cookie Wheels

I modeled my Firetruck Cake after the coolest birthday cake #29 and used their design for inspiration. I made 3 9×13 cakes. The bottom and middle layer were cut in half vertically and measured about 6×8. I put one half in front of the other to make a ~6×16 firetruck bottom. I also cut the last cake in half vertically.

The 6×8 piece went on as the back part of the truck. I cut a 3×6 piece out of the other half and used that as the top of the “cab”.

Decorating was the fun part! The wheels are Dutch cocoa cookies cut into smaller circles with a biscuit cutter. The lights are Dots candies. The candles are made by Wilton and I found them at I-Party.