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Coolest First Birthday Cake

I prepared this first birthday cake for my nephew’s birthday. I got the idea from the Wilton book from 2004. It’s a two tier cake covered with fondant.

The upper tier is a 8 inch vanilla cake and the bottom tier is an 12 inch carrot cake (Emeril’s recipe from FoodTV.com) I prepared the number 1 melting white chocolate into the #1 pan. Prepared decorations and letters with fondant.

This cake is 100% edible (except the candle).

Just a fair warning, the Happy Birthday letters were irresistible for the kids. At the end of the party it had 4 missing letters. The kids loved it and everybody wanted a piece of the chocolate #1. It was a success!

5 thoughts on “Coolest First Birthday Cake”

  1. your cake is just like I wanted, two tier with a no 1, for my little girl, good idea using melted chocolate for the no 1. Just wondering what you used to hold the 1 on there

  2. This cake is very impressive and I am hoping to make it for my brother’s first birthday. The ideas are pretty good. All I need to know is, how do you attach the 1 onto the tier? Thanks for the inspiration.


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