I got the idea from the first birthday cake section’ on this website, and its the ‘My 1st birthday’ party kit. The recipe is a chiffon chocolate cake, baked in an ordinary rectangle pan. I then made butter icing and coloured it the two different shades of pink.

The light pink center part was outlined with a toothpick and it’s best to ice the sides first with either a spatula or pastry brush. I used rolled out icing, coloured and cut out accordingly, to make the words, name, balloons and strings, and cup cake case, and then a large nozzle to do the icing on the cup cake case, finally adding the butterfly and heart sweets and glitter.

Alyssa’s older sister Amelia was so impressed. All the kids loved it and came for seconds and thirds – I ended up having just a small taste, but it tasted great.

This was my first try at baking a birthday cake and I was very proud of myself!