14 thoughts on “Adorable Homemade Flowers and Butterfly First Birthday Cake”

  1. I was wondering, I’m from Australia, is fondant also known as marzipan? I’ve never dealt with marzipan or fondant before, but I’m about to try and create my daughters first Birthday cake. I was wondering if you had any helpful tips? I’d love to try and do the same curls you’ve done on your cake too.

  2. Hi I’m from NZ, this is one cool cake, I’m looking for ideas for my daughter’s 1st birthday and this looks great.

  3. Hi my name is Mariana and I was looking for someone or somewhere that makes gorgeous cakes like yours….so my question is where did you find that beautiful cake plz get bak ASAP IM IN NEED OF A BABYS 1sT BDAY CAKE NEXT MONTH

  4. Hello, I love this cake. My daughter’s first birthday is 12/18/2010 and I’m looking for a cake like these

  5. hi!
    fondant is not the same as marzipan
    marzipan has the tendancy to melt it doesnt set as hard as fondant does. it rather easy to make your own. just check out google for some recipes.

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