I made this First Birthday Cake for my granddaughter’s first birthday. I used 1/2 sheet cake pan and carved the cake myself. I attached the leftover cake at the bottom to create the “legs” of the 1. It was marble cake.

For the heart I used a 6″ cake ring and used white cake. The 1 was iced with white buttercream icing and the heart was iced with pink buttercream icing. I placed a couple of wooden dowels through the heart into the number 1 to hold it in place. I used royal icing white roses that I had made about 1 week in advance.

The purple rose buds and vines were made from tinted buttercream icing. I buy boards and covers from our local grocery store to transport my cakes. I took the picture after I put the cover on. I got the idea for the cake from her invitations which had the 1 with a star instead of the heart. At the party we removed the heart and it became her own individual cake. She LOVED it!