I decided to make this First Birthday Cake for my daughter after looking through all of the talented “first birthday cakes” posted on this website! I would try my hand at baking a cake that matched her pink party napkin & plate set.

I first baked a large sheet cake and frosted it with store-bought vanilla icing. Then I copied the “1st” design from the plates and napkins onto the cake. I knew that it would be extremely difficult to duplicate that colorful star pattern that was the edge of the plates & napkins, so I decided to stick with the skinnier edge pattern next to it- a thin green line with dots. And what better to use for dots than gumdrops!

I used various colors of Wilton icing tubes to write the letters on the cake. Using those pre-made icing tubes was so easy, yet it locked me into using those specific color shades.

Though I liked the way the cake turned out in the end, I wished that I had matched the colors to the napkins & plates a bit better. Still, Julianne LOVED her cake, and she especially enjoyed picking the gumdrops off to eat!