This cake is my first attempt at using fondant and a 3-D design. It was made for my grandson’s first birthday. I purchased pre-made fondant and simply rolled it out and cut and shaped it to my liking. This aquarium was a combination of pictures found online… and each fish is made of fondant, therefore edible.

The rocks on the bottom are hand made of fondant and colored using icing colorings. I started this cake by making the fish and letting them dry for about three days. Each was made and details hand painted. Before each was totally dry I inserted wooden skewers for making them stand off the cake. I used cake pillars for the corners and the top is simply an uncovered cake board, glued onto pillars by icing.

The cake itself is made from scratch (my first attempt at a homemade cake) I found a lemon pound cake recipe, as I needed a dense cake to support the decorations. This cake was transported an hour away and the top of the aquarium “glued” on at my grandson’s home.

I hope you enjoy this homemade first birthday Finding Nemo cake as much as my grandson and his other grandparents did. Oh, by the way, my grandson had his own “Nemo” cake, also made by me using all star-piped icing, all to himself… chocolate… of course, so he could make a big mess!!!!