Coolest First Clown Cake

I made this first clown cake for my niece when she turned one. To make, I baked 2 cakes, one 8″ round and one 9×13 rectangle. When cooled I cut the rectangular cake into a triangle, taking note to the width of the round cake. I used the round pan and curved short end of the triangle to fit a little snugger around round cake. (This does not have to be perfect since you will be piping a trim on the hat anyhow).

Iced round cake flesh color. Using black icing to pipe details for face. Posotion triangled cake onto head. Using a #18 star tip pipe hat part of the hat. Using #23 pipe the trim and pom~pom at the top. I pulled the stars out an alternated direction to add fullness to trim & pom pom.

To serve the guest I used melted candies to make baby heads and party favors. To make you will need to melt candy and color fleshtone. I used the Wilton candy wafer melting tray for the shape of the heads. When cooled I used melted chocolate to decorate faces.

For hair place molded head smooth side down on wax or parchment paper. Using a squeeze bottle with a fine tip squiggle some hair on the top of the head. (if your going for a curl that stands up you must make sure you attach it to the head while squeezing it) when cooled lift off of paper and position a top a frosted cupcake. If you look to the right in the photo you will see some candies made this way.