Coolest Fish and Rainbow Octopus Cake

My 6 year-old son made this Fish and Rainbow Octopus Cake. Since it was for a cake contest, he did everything himself. The cake is a round Wilton cake pan.

The fish is a large lollipop broken up and rearranged (it might be able to be broken or cut more exactly if an adult was doing it). It’s eye is a sprinkle candy glued on with a dot of frosting.

The small fish, octopus and worm are all store-bought gummy candy. We thought about making some type of fisher and dangling the worm from his fishing rod, but we ran out of time. Just a thought…

The water was done with a whip cream frosting dyed blue. We frosted it flat and then used a Wilton cake spatula (the metal kind, not rubber) to press and lift the frosting to make waves.