My 2 year old daughter was into fish, and so I came up with this fish cake for her birthday. I used yellow cake in a 9×13″ pan, chocolate batter in a square pan then baked chocolate cupcakes with the rest of the chocolate batter. Once the yellow cake was out of the pan and cooled, I cut the corners off to make the fish body.

Then I cut a small triangle from that side for the mouth. To make the tail I cut the shape from the square cake (I left the corners rounded, but basically cut a triangle into the middle).

I made a whipped cream style frosting and tinted 2 shades of orange for variety, as well as blue for the bubbles. When icing the fish body, I tried to give the appearance of scales. I added the detail for the eye.

For depth, I took another triangle from the chocolate cake and made it a bit smaller, iced it, then positioned it coming out of the fish. Finally I iced all the cupcakes blue with white accents to make them look like bubbles, and when the cake was on the table, the bubbles were coming out of the fish’s mouth.

This was a big hit and the kids liked the options in terms of cake flavor and cupcake versus slice of cake.