Original Homemade Fish Bowl Cake

This Fish Bowl Cake was my first attempt at fondant and I enjoyed it. I mixed it with blue gel color but didn’t mix thoroughly so it would give a watery look. I used a thoroughly dishwasher cleaned CD stack cover cut to the right height (clear plastic) to hold the bowl firmly in the middle. I know they make things like that for cakes but I used what I had on hand.

I assembled it on site adding mildly colored water at that time and used plastic fish from the dollar store, inside. The fish were cut with a cookie cutter and applied. All the applied items were fondant. The fish on top was plastic. It fed 70 people with EASE!

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  1. i am going to try to do something like this and i don’t understand exactly how you secured the fish bowl in the middle…i saw how you said you used a cd lid but can you explain it to me more?


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