This fish cake was created by our creative design team Paige Parker, Josh Mortenson & Shana Mortenson from Provo, UT. It was for our brother-in-law Keoni’s 29th birthday.

First it was created by using two egg shaped cake pans. Once baked and cooled, we trimmed down the edges to give it that fishy shape. Frosted it with cream cheese frosting, and then layered fondant on top. Finally we gave it a finished look by painting the fish with orange, black and brown food coloring and topped it off with edible silver shimmer dust!!

The fins were also made of fondant, in order to give them a 3D effect we pinned toothpicks underneath the fins. The lettuce and tomatoes around the fish were also made out of fondant. My son has a play-dough kit with a tomato shape mold, so that became very handy with this project. The lettuce was rolled out very thin and I scrunched them in my hands to give it that wrinkled look. Then I pinched it, so that it would create lines through the lettuce.

The cake underneath the fish was a 9×13 cake designed to look like a patter holding the fish. That part we served to the guests, since we didn’t want to hack the poor little fishy up so soon. Wah la! Fish Cake!