I made this Fish Cake for my stepdad’s retirement. The head and tail are both cakes that I carved to shape and covered in white fondant. The tail fin is made from gumpaste.

I used an icing tip to form the scales by pressing it into the fondant. I then used the Wilton black and green spray to add the airbrushed affect to the fish. The mouth is covered with a pale pink colored fondant.

Before placing the fish on the cake I iced the waves with white buttercream frosting and then used Wilton’s blue spray over the top. I love working with the spray because it seems to add so much depth and realistic features to my cakes. It also seems a lot easier than actually mixing the color right into the frosting as I can never seem to get the shades just right.

I don’t have an airbrush but the spray cans work just fine for me.