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Coolest Fisherman Cake

It’s due to be my son’s 31st birthday. I decided to make a cake with a fisherman on it, he loves fishing. I did make him a big fish for a cake one year so I thought I’d change it a bit this year.

I baked an 8″ 3 layer cake and filled with butter cream and jam and then covered the whole cake in butter cream and placed in the freezer for about 20 mins until hardened.

Meanwhile I colored some icing in green and then covered the whole cake. I then rolled out some blue icing for the pool. This was left to dry out overnight. I also made two cone shapes out of the green icing to cover in royal icing later for trees. I rolled out a small amount of white flower paste and cut out a oblong shape and placed this over one of my modelling tools to dry out.

In the meantime I made the man and the fish using colored icing with a little flower paste added to it to make it harden. This  makes it better to model with too. To make the man’s top look like a camouflage color I mixed some green and the added tiny amounts of cream, brown and black and rolled it and twisted until it had the look I wanted. I brushed the fish with a shimmer dust  and I then mixed some brown color paste with a little gin and dabbed this around the cake.

I mixed some royal icing and colored it green and I then iced all over the green cones I had made earlier for the trees, and I pipe iced some grass. Now the white oblong I cut out earlier, I wrote the birthday message on it then with a little royal icing I attached it to the cake. I cut out the name JAMES using my letter cutters. All I needed to do now was make the colored balls to go around the base of the cake.

Finally I attached the thin florist wire through the man’s hands and pressed it against the stick I used for the fishing rod. I then made a bend in the wire before attaching into the fish’s mouth to make it look like he’s just caught the fish.

My son loved it.