Coolest Homemade Fishing Birthday Cake

This cake is a boxed mix baked in two 8-in. round pans. I tinted the frosting green and frosted the entire cake with the base color (next time I would use a different frosting recipe as I had a hard time getting it as smooth as I wanted it to be).

I then made marshmallow fondant and formed the rest of the cake with fondant. I rolled out a sheet of green and cut the grass with my pizza wheel. The cattails were made by rolling fondant and sticking it onto the end of spaghetti noodles. I hand formed all the little details, the log, rocks, duck, boat. I used a toothpick to etch the little details in the boat.

My kids had fun helping me form all the little balls to go around the base of the cake. The little plastic fisherman was purchased at a cake decorating store. This homemade fishing birthday cake was a fairly easy cake to make and the recipient was very pleased with the result!